Watch your mouth 🗣..3 ccc to avoid any argument!

The power of our tongue is more than what we perceive it. Less acknowledged words could either break or build a person. What about your words?..Do you really mind them before uttering? Bible is not just a Holy Scripture for Christians…it lays the very true guidelines for a perfect living as a worthy human being…WithContinue reading “Watch your mouth 🗣..3 ccc to avoid any argument!”


” THE REFINING POT IS FOR SILVER AND THE FURNACE FOR GOLD, AND A MAN IS VALUED BY WHAT OTHERS SAY OF HIM.” – PROVERBS 27 : 21 If someone comes to you and asks the most familiar question ‘WHO ARE YOU?’, I’m sure you would have an answer definitely. You might start with yourContinue reading “1..2..3..4 FACTORS DEFINING YOUR VALUE!”