Sept.13: Proud (or) Prudent

Good morning dear ones! What makes you feel proud the most?.. Does your pride get arrogant sometimes?.. As rightly said by King Solomon, wisdom lies in humbleness and pride only leads to conflict within one’s values and aspirations. Always be willing to consult advice from people who are well-versed in that subject-matter concerned..It’s not wrongContinue reading “Sept.13: Proud (or) Prudent”

Dead to life : Only an Awesome GOD can do!! If He could raise Lazarus’ dead body with just a ‘word’ to life after 4 much more can He do in our lives if we could just ‘believe HIM’…πŸ˜‡

‘Buy’ these 4 Things πŸ› which are ‘Not for sale’🚫!

Living in this materialistic world has blindfolded many people to value things more than life..It’s even more saddening to wrap our minds around the fact as to how everything seems to be weighed on the scales of moneyπŸ’°….If you’re given to choose between ‘wealth’ and ‘wisdom’..πŸ€”what would be your choice? We serve a living GodContinue reading “‘Buy’ these 4 Things πŸ› which are ‘Not for sale’🚫!”


“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.” – ECCLESIASTES 10 : 10 STRIVE FOR SUCCESS If we could take a few seconds to refresh our childhood spent at school, we would be able to remember the way ‘sharpeners’ fancied ourContinue reading “WHERE IS YOUR SHARPENER?..IT’S TIME TO USE IT!”

3 TIPS TO BECOME WISE IN A DAY!..Do you want to try?

“A WORD FITLY SPOKEN IS LIKE APPLES OF GOLD IN SETTINGS OF SILVER.” – PROVERBS 25 : 11 ‘WORDS’ are invisible tools that every person is gifted with. But whether we sharpen it into a weapon of construction or destruction is all in our hands. The book of Proverbs is a treasure-trove of wise sayingsContinue reading “3 TIPS TO BECOME WISE IN A DAY!..Do you want to try?”