Stand Out 🧍‍♂️-2- Stand Up ⬆️

Count yourself alike to everyone (in terms of hardwork, challenges and trials) but don’t compare your life with someone else’s..YOU ARE BORN TO BE DIFFERENT! Even though you might have been born in the same place, lived among the same society members, received the same education as everyone else…still it’s surprisingly true to acknowledge theContinue reading “Stand Out 🧍‍♂️-2- Stand Up ⬆️”

THREE OF A PRETTY KIND : In the hands of the Perfect Potter

“Yet You, Lord, are our Father.    We are the clay, YOU are the potter;    we are all the work of Your hand.” – ISAIAH 64 : 8 You are God’s handiwork!..carved carefully and sculpted specially for a unique purpose! Though I have personally heard this verse many times in different situations, when I came across it again IContinue reading “THREE OF A PRETTY KIND : In the hands of the Perfect Potter”