Oct.19 : 2 Tips To Being “WISE”

Knowledge can be gained through your efforts but ‘wisdom’ is acquired by God’s grace. I’ve seen knowledgeable people make silly decisions in life, whereas wise people seldom leave you any chance to find a fault with their thoughts and actions! How willingly do you listen to other’s advices?..๐Ÿ‘‚ How eager are you to be disciplinedContinue reading “Oct.19 : 2 Tips To Being “WISE””

Oct.12 : Follower (or) Hardworker

Good morning friends! Do you think there’s any substitute to ‘hardwork’? NO, YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN THINK OF ANY SHORTCUT! Let’s prove it through God’s Word.. People today are more concerned about “How many followers do you have?..How can I increase my follower-base?..What’s my role model doing today?”.. Do you think pondering over such questions isContinue reading “Oct.12 : Follower (or) Hardworker”

Oct.5 : Is student = disciple?

#WorldTeachersDay_2021 Teaching, the beautiful art of shaping immature minds towards life’s challenges, has been used by the Greatest Teacher to create disciples, tools of His glory. (This is my YouTube channel on Daily Devotional – it would be my biggest happiness if you could subscribe n share this channel to your dear ones๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘‡) Being aContinue reading “Oct.5 : Is student = disciple?”

Sept.28 : Ears-2-Hear

Good morning friends! What type of prayer do you do?..Check this link to know more๐Ÿ‘‡ Praying is not a burden, instead it is the best way to relieve yourself from all your burdens. Often, people worry about not being able to pray. To such people, God encourages today by saying that, “Darling, praying is notContinue reading “Sept.28 : Ears-2-Hear”

Sept.21 : Pieces-2-Peace

Do you have peace within your mind? Possession of worldly desires is nothing in comparison to the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace.. Even if a person appears to have nothing in terms of world’s standards but if he/she is filled with the Holy Spirit, then the priceless peace God blesses that personContinue reading “Sept.21 : Pieces-2-Peace”