Rusted ➡️ Galvanized

Good morning dear ones❤.. Have you observed rusted objects? Galvanization works wonders in the life of an iron/steel object and helps to preserve its life… What about a rusted soul?…Don’t you think he/she needs to be preserved as well? Well, let’s find out what Bible says regarding this!! Have a blessed day!!

August 9 : International Day Of World’s Indigenous Peoples-2021 In a very short while from now, every tribe on earth is gonna sing 🎶…….

🌿Day 1- “HOSANNA”..#HolyWeekSeries🌿

With the eyes of thousands glued at the gate, disciples leading the humble colt which was draped with colorful cloaks, was the most historic moment ever as the breeze swayed the green palm leaves held joyously by the people singing, “HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST”!


“A GOOD NAME is to be chosen rather than great riches, LOVING FAVOR rather than silver and gold.” -PROVERBS 22:1 As soon as Rinky was back from a picnic with her friends, she started searching her room desperately for her small treasure box, which was precious to her. She asked her parents whether they hadContinue reading “TOP 2 PRECIOUS GEMS – MUST FOR EVERYONE!”