Expect or Accept : Which is easier?

Good morning friends 😊…Hope you’re doing well! Keep your expectations positive on the right things of life!…To know more about how to deal with ‘expectations’,kindly check out the link below 🙂 40 Bible Verses on ‘Expectations’.. Finite beings can never suffice our desires like our Infinite Creator!…As we begin each new day, let’s check ourselvesContinue reading “Expect or Accept : Which is easier?”

Beautiful yet Powerful eyes 👀

Good morning! This is my YouTube channel named “CreationChats” on Daily Devotions..Kindly support it through your prayers, likes and subscribes! ‘Gazing upon your beautyWatching over your safetyGlancing on your activityObserving your thoughtsConsidering your wishesViewing your possibilitiesContemplating your successare God’s Beautiful yet Powerful eyes!’ God bless you 😇

More than 51% of adults worldwide are sleep deprived😴..What about you?

According to recent statistical findings, it’s shocking to know that almost 8/10 suffer due to lack of sufficient sleep💤..If you are able to rest well without any problems, then you are already very blessed🙂.. Among many reasons that could drive a person to strive for success is the “bliss of peace”..After working continuously for 8-10Continue reading “More than 51% of adults worldwide are sleep deprived😴..What about you?”


Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” – 1 Corinthians 15 : 33 As you might be familiar, the word ‘CORRUPTION’ refers to ‘illegal, bad or dishonest behavior, especially by people in positions of power.’ It doesn’t necessarily point to the bureaucrats, officials or politicians but it includes anyone who violates the power inContinue reading “COMBAT CORRUPTION WITH 3 HANDY WEAPONS!”