Live n Laugh : 🥼2 Clothes🧥 must for you!

#World Laughter Day 😀 ‘Laughter is the best medicine 💊’..It lowers blood pressure, slows down the pace of getting depressed by increasing the chances of staying optimistic and smiling..Laughter is completely advantageous but if you don’t hold on to it, it can disappear as quickly as it appears in your life.. Proverbs Chapter 31 talksContinue reading “Live n Laugh : 🥼2 Clothes🧥 must for you!”

🗣On your mark..3(Get)..2(Set)..1(Go)🏃

Life is a wild race🏁..As long as you choose to stay on the track, you have the chance to win, just like everyone else! A quick Math question..’If “n” number of people are running 🏃‍♂️ in this race along with you, then what’s your probability of winning?🤔.. It’s very natural to get disheartened when thingsContinue reading “🗣On your mark..3(Get)..2(Set)..1(Go)🏃”