Oct.18 : Sensory Cupcake🧁

#National_Chocolate_Cupcake_Day The gift of 5 senses are given to unfold the beauty around us. Seldom do we use these senses to acknowledge the greatness of our Majestic King..🧐 Every sense is unique in it’s approach and utility. The sense of taste is not just to be used for tasting ‘food’. There’s a bigger purpose toContinue reading “Oct.18 : Sensory Cupcake🧁”

Oct.1 : Afraid Of Aging?

Beautiful Young people are accidents of nature while Beautiful Old people are works of art🎨..❣ The phase of Aging has it’s own bliss and worries. On one hand, it’s the stage of one’s life to rest peacefully after years of hardwork and tears; on the other hand, it’s the stage when the fear of lonelinessContinue reading “Oct.1 : Afraid Of Aging?”