At the edge of losing hope..🤔What should be done?

Your life could feel dormant but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be the same.. Look at the life of a tiny seed..Initially, it has to face the chilly and dark life underground so that it can sprout into a beautiful plant above the ground..🌱Trust God, He has the best timing for you to shine..Just waitContinue reading “At the edge of losing hope..🤔What should be done?”

Are you fighting alone?…#DewDropForTheDay!

‘Life isn’t a bed of roses’!🥀..Most often, this saying proves itself to us. But I’d say ‘Life is a bed of roses💐 when you are His child’..Because your Everlasting Creator loves to hold you in His palm of His hands so that not even a tiny thorn scratches you! The Scripture unfolds valuable gems ofContinue reading “Are you fighting alone?…#DewDropForTheDay!”


“Whoever has no rule over his own spirit Is like a city broken down, without walls.” – PROVERBS 25 : 28 When you search on Google or glance at Facebook or chat through WhatsApp or even surf through YouTube…How many times do you think you’ve watched things you didn’t intend to?..When you are in aContinue reading “3 SWEETS FROM THE BOX OF ‘SELF-CONTROL’…Worth trying!!”


” THE REFINING POT IS FOR SILVER AND THE FURNACE FOR GOLD, AND A MAN IS VALUED BY WHAT OTHERS SAY OF HIM.” – PROVERBS 27 : 21 If someone comes to you and asks the most familiar question ‘WHO ARE YOU?’, I’m sure you would have an answer definitely. You might start with yourContinue reading “1..2..3..4 FACTORS DEFINING YOUR VALUE!”

Are you alone in this life?

” FOR WITH YOU IS THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE; IN YOUR LIGHT WE SEE LIGHT.” – PSALM 36 : 9 FOUNTAIN OF YOUR LIFE… Everyday is a gift from the AUTHOR AND FINISHER of our lives. At some point of our life, we all must have pondered as to what’s the reason for our existenceContinue reading “Are you alone in this life?”