August 9 : International Day Of World’s Indigenous Peoples-2021 In a very short while from now, every tribe on earth is gonna sing 🎢…….

Negligent βœ‹ vs Diligent πŸ‘

“A father’s caring hands could grow older, but Our Heavenly Father’s loving hands only grows stronger!” #Happy Father’s Day to all the diligent fathers out there! Every part of a human body has its unique purpose of existence..& in specific, who can deny the usefulness of having healthy hands!?..But, the question is “How are youContinue reading “Negligent βœ‹ vs Diligent πŸ‘”

Small Change..Big Impact!

Hi buddies!! Welcome to a new dawn!.. Year-End examination!..Nick was writing his answer script.. Seeing the easy questions being asked, he got too excited that he missed writing his name on the top of the paper😳..Don’t you think it’s too silly of him?!! Yes..Always remember just like how one small mistake can cause a bigContinue reading “Small Change..Big Impact!”

Expect or Accept : Which is easier?

Good morning friends 😊…Hope you’re doing well! Keep your expectations positive on the right things of life!…To know more about how to deal with ‘expectations’,kindly check out the link below πŸ™‚ 40 Bible Verses on ‘Expectations’.. Finite beings can never suffice our desires like our Infinite Creator!…As we begin each new day, let’s check ourselvesContinue reading “Expect or Accept : Which is easier?”

🌞Every Day in Every Way : Be ‘Glad’πŸŒ›

“When you don’t know what the day holds, hold on to the One who holds it!” Living peacefully in this ever-changing spinning world 🌎 is a challenge for everyone! Recently, I came across the news of the sudden demise of a person who seemed to have no illness or financial problems or family issues..yet strangely,Continue reading “🌞Every Day in Every Way : Be ‘Glad’πŸŒ›”

Dew Drop For The Day 🌀… Precious than goldπŸ….. Priceless than silver.. Sweeter than honey 🍯.. Is God’s love for you!!… Have a great day ahead!