🎶Musical Testimony🎼

Good morning friends! Are you suffering from any sickness?Is it painful?Do you want to be healed? Let me share my testimony of how I’ve been healed from menorrhagia miraculously. Though I didn’t suffer for 12 years like the woman in the video, still what I experienced in the past 3 months has made me realizeContinue reading “🎶Musical Testimony🎼”

Oct.4 : What’s your level of righteousness?

#WorldAnimalWelfareDay_2021 Good morning friends! ‘Righteousness’ is one of the definitive aspect of anyone’s personality. No matter how good we are (in the eyes of society), what matters is how obedient we are in God’s sight! King Solomon puts forth that even the way we treat animals has got a lot to say about our character..whetherContinue reading “Oct.4 : What’s your level of righteousness?”

Sept.27 : Laws Of Reflection

Hello friends! As we wake up to a new week, let’s listen to what our Creator wants us to hear today.. Reflection is a beautiful phenomenon that explains many physical processes, observable in our surroundings. Look at yourself in a mirror 🪞..Doesn’t it help you see what you look like? A man’s actions are toContinue reading “Sept.27 : Laws Of Reflection”

Sept.22 : “Can” In Cancer

Good morning!.. 🌞 The seen things of life is what makes up our belief. But have you realized..’the unseen things of life is what makes living a beautiful experience’..?

Sept.17 – Crushed-2-Cheerful

Good morning dear ones 🌞 The medicine to cure all your pain is within you – the pill 💊 of positivity with gratitude to your Maker! Life is supposed to crush us at times, but not always. The uncertainty that lies in being crushed is lesser in comparison to the certainty that comes from aContinue reading “Sept.17 – Crushed-2-Cheerful”

Sept. 16 : World Ozone Day

Good morning buddies😊 Ozone has been a wonderful shield 🛡 for mankind from unnecessarily harmful radiations of the sun. Still, I don’t think that’s fully enough to keep us protected..Don’t you agree??

Light vs Dark : Opt Wisely!

Good Morning.. When the world was dark, God came as the LIGHT!..Now, when He is is the Light, He expects everyone of us to walk in the Light..Are you willing to hold His hands? Take the stand of righteousness even when you’re near and dear ones don’t support it..Look through the feeds and reels ofContinue reading “Light vs Dark : Opt Wisely!”