My GOD : My Living Hope

What’s your biggest hope? Our timely expectations and worldly desires are vain hopes, like chasing after the wind. Even though we know it’s all needed as a part of life, still the knowledge of prioritizing our ‘wants’ from ‘needs’ is very essential as a child of God. The great mercy of our Everlasting Father hasContinue reading “My GOD : My Living Hope”

Cast Your Cares For He Cares!

“Caring hearts give the best medicine Caring souls heal the worst pain” Care, the beautiful feeling of concern and selfless attention to the needs and requirements of someone/something is very special. We all have people caring for us and we in turn care for many around us..Yet, at certain point of time, we lose sightContinue reading “Cast Your Cares For He Cares!”

🌞Every Day in Every Way : Be ‘Glad’🌛

“When you don’t know what the day holds, hold on to the One who holds it!” Living peacefully in this ever-changing spinning world 🌎 is a challenge for everyone! Recently, I came across the news of the sudden demise of a person who seemed to have no illness or financial problems or family issues..yet strangely,Continue reading “🌞Every Day in Every Way : Be ‘Glad’🌛”

Watch your mouth 🗣..3 ccc to avoid any argument!

The power of our tongue is more than what we perceive it. Less acknowledged words could either break or build a person. What about your words?..Do you really mind them before uttering? Bible is not just a Holy Scripture for Christians…it lays the very true guidelines for a perfect living as a worthy human being…WithContinue reading “Watch your mouth 🗣..3 ccc to avoid any argument!”

4200 years ago😮…to…AD 30🙂…to…Eternity🤩 : This story of ‘Language’ continues…

And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.“ – Revelation 5 : 9 HAPPY WISHES TO YOU ON THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY REMINDINGContinue reading “4200 years ago😮…to…AD 30🙂…to…Eternity🤩 : This story of ‘Language’ continues…”

3 Principles of ‘Good Publicity’..Let’s ask Andrew!

The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the MESSIAH” (that is, the CHRIST). – JOHN 1 : 41 (NIV) Have you tried texting “GOD loves you”…or “I’ll pray for you” to someone you know?? You might think that these phrases are so common but whoContinue reading “3 Principles of ‘Good Publicity’..Let’s ask Andrew!”

THREE OF A PRETTY KIND : In the hands of the Perfect Potter

“Yet You, Lord, are our Father.    We are the clay, YOU are the potter;    we are all the work of Your hand.” – ISAIAH 64 : 8 You are God’s handiwork!..carved carefully and sculpted specially for a unique purpose! Though I have personally heard this verse many times in different situations, when I came across it again IContinue reading “THREE OF A PRETTY KIND : In the hands of the Perfect Potter”

3 TIPS TO BECOME WISE IN A DAY!..Do you want to try?

“A WORD FITLY SPOKEN IS LIKE APPLES OF GOLD IN SETTINGS OF SILVER.” – PROVERBS 25 : 11 ‘WORDS’ are invisible tools that every person is gifted with. But whether we sharpen it into a weapon of construction or destruction is all in our hands. The book of Proverbs is a treasure-trove of wise sayingsContinue reading “3 TIPS TO BECOME WISE IN A DAY!..Do you want to try?”