21-05-21 : Turn Terror into Favour

Today is the 21st day of the 21st week of the 21st year of the 21st century!!..ūü§© In order to stand against the terror of terrorism, this day is observed as “Anti Terrorism Day”. With the restless tension between Israel and Palestine amidst the pandemic situation not yet overcome by many nations, I don’t thinkContinue reading “21-05-21 : Turn Terror into Favour”


4 The earth dries up¬†and withers,¬†the world languishes and withers,¬†the heavens¬†languish with the earth. 5 The earth is defiled¬†by its people;¬†they have disobeyed¬†the laws, violated the statutes¬†and broken the everlasting covenant. – ISAIAH 24 : 4-5 Every year, the National Pollution Prevention Day is observed on December 2 to create awareness about the increasing pollutionContinue reading “Replace ‘POLLUTION’ with ‘PLANTATION’ in the ‘EQUATION of EXISTENCE’!”