Oct.7 : 2-Best-Relatives : Do you have them?

‘Family’ is one of the most treasured blessings in a person’s life. But Solomon tells us to consider two other things as our relatives..Would you like to know them? God’s wisdom enlightens our darkened valleys of life and leads us on the right way to success by solving the unsolved riddles in our minds.

Oct.6 : 3 Reasons as to ‘Why should you wake up early?’

Good morning early risers😍 From centuries immemorial, ‘waking up early’ has been the most common advice to mankind. But, still many find it difficult to deal with alarm clocks..why?? Being the ‘early bird’ will not be a struggle if you knew the blessings it brings for you throughout each day! Three blessings I personally receivedContinue reading “Oct.6 : 3 Reasons as to ‘Why should you wake up early?’”

Oct.5 : Is student = disciple?

#WorldTeachersDay_2021 Teaching, the beautiful art of shaping immature minds towards life’s challenges, has been used by the Greatest Teacher to create disciples, tools of His glory. (This is my YouTube channel on Daily Devotional – it would be my biggest happiness if you could subscribe n share this channel to your dear ones😍👇) Being aContinue reading “Oct.5 : Is student = disciple?”

Sept.21 : Pieces-2-Peace

Do you have peace within your mind? Possession of worldly desires is nothing in comparison to the peace that comes from the Prince of Peace.. Even if a person appears to have nothing in terms of world’s standards but if he/she is filled with the Holy Spirit, then the priceless peace God blesses that personContinue reading “Sept.21 : Pieces-2-Peace”

Sept.20 : Cold (or) Gold?

Good morning!.. Do you sometimes feel lazy to do what you have to do? Laziness should never be an excuse if you wish to attain success in life. God’s Word clearly stands against sluggardness. Refrain being a sluggard by learning to tune your minds towards the calling for which God had lovingly chosen you outContinue reading “Sept.20 : Cold (or) Gold?”

Sept. 16 : World Ozone Day

Good morning buddies😊 Ozone has been a wonderful shield 🛡 for mankind from unnecessarily harmful radiations of the sun. Still, I don’t think that’s fully enough to keep us protected..Don’t you agree??