Sept. 16 : World Ozone Day

Good morning buddies😊 Ozone has been a wonderful shield πŸ›‘ for mankind from unnecessarily harmful radiations of the sun. Still, I don’t think that’s fully enough to keep us protected..Don’t you agree??

Sept.10 – World Suicide Prevention Day

Is it ok to think of committing ‘suicide’? Good morning dear ones❀.. Can you take a few seconds and repeat this hope-evoking words of Psalmist David?

Sun 🌞 and Shield πŸ›‘

Renewable Energy supplies us with satisfactory energy requirements rather than the conventional sources of energy. God’s love for mankind is unchanging and is renewable every single day as it unfolds beautiful blessings into our lives. Are you ready to harness the unending energy of God’s love today? Indian Akshay Urja Day-2021.. _#What is the bestContinue reading “Sun 🌞 and Shield πŸ›‘”

Best Seasoning For Every Season

A pinch of salt does what a lot of ingredients cannot doπŸ§‚.. Common salt πŸ§‚ or NaCl has an invincible power when it comes to making any dish taste better. God’s Word encourages us to use words minimally yet meaningfully so that our words could be used to glorify His name. Let’s learn how toContinue reading “Best Seasoning For Every Season”

‘Independence’: A gift from Dependence

Hi friends! Greetings on this auspicious day of India’s Independence! Often, people feel that ‘independence’ is contrary to ‘dependence’ in all respects. But that’s not what I’ve experienced. God’s Word has always encouraged the highest form of independence that comes from the divine dependence. Today is an even more special day in my life becauseContinue reading “‘Independence’: A gift from Dependence”

July 22 : 3 Special Days in 1

Hi..Hope you’re doing well!.. Guess what!..Today’s the day to relish the king πŸ‘‘ of fruits – MANGO πŸ₯­ by realizing what our Greatest King has got to say regarding it.. 1) National Mango Day Can human beings bear fruits?…πŸ€”What’s your guess? 2) Pi Approximation Day

STAYS THE SAME : 24 Γ— 7 Γ— eternity!

After looking at these 3 spoons..What is the first thing that you’ve noticed?..πŸ’­ “They look the SAME”…They’re all SIMILAR! With due course of time, everything around us keeps changing (even these similar-looking spoons could appear different one day)…We ourselves have changed a lot from what we used to be in terms of our appearance, lifestyle,Continue reading “STAYS THE SAME : 24 Γ— 7 Γ— eternity!”