Meet the Wisest King!

Greetings in the name of our Sovereign King! Some people perceive God as a ‘Father’, some consider Him as a ‘Friend’ and some others acknowledge Him as a ‘Guide’.. What’s your perspective of God? Though God loves us more than a Father could, accompanies us through our tears n cheers as the Best Friend weContinue reading “Meet the Wisest King!”

F 2 F transformation : ‘Fishermen’ to ‘Fishers of Men’

“Come, follow Me,” JESUS said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4 : 19 Hi everyone!.. Today is being observed as World Fisheries Day to create awareness about the environmental aspect of protecting fisheries and their community. So, why don’t we start off this day with a life-changing story of aContinue reading “F 2 F transformation : ‘Fishermen’ to ‘Fishers of Men’”


” THE REFINING POT IS FOR SILVER AND THE FURNACE FOR GOLD, AND A MAN IS VALUED BY WHAT OTHERS SAY OF HIM.” – PROVERBS 27 : 21 If someone comes to you and asks the most familiar question ‘WHO ARE YOU?’, I’m sure you would have an answer definitely. You might start with yourContinue reading “1..2..3..4 FACTORS DEFINING YOUR VALUE!”