Oct.1 : Afraid Of Aging?

Beautiful Young people are accidents of nature while Beautiful Old people are works of art🎨..❣ The phase of Aging has it’s own bliss and worries. On one hand, it’s the stage of one’s life to rest peacefully after years of hardwork and tears; on the other hand, it’s the stage when the fear of lonelinessContinue reading “Oct.1 : Afraid Of Aging?”

Sept.10 – World Suicide Prevention Day

Is it ok to think of committing ‘suicide’? Good morning dear ones❤.. Can you take a few seconds and repeat this hope-evoking words of Psalmist David?

Rusted ➡️ Galvanized

Good morning dear ones❤.. Have you observed rusted objects? Galvanization works wonders in the life of an iron/steel object and helps to preserve its life… What about a rusted soul?…Don’t you think he/she needs to be preserved as well? Well, let’s find out what Bible says regarding this!! Have a blessed day!!

July 22 : 3 Special Days in 1

Hi..Hope you’re doing well!.. Guess what!..Today’s the day to relish the king 👑 of fruits – MANGO 🥭 by realizing what our Greatest King has got to say regarding it.. 1) National Mango Day Can human beings bear fruits?…🤔What’s your guess? 2) Pi Approximation Day