Nov.9 : Law – Breaker/Lover?

#National Legal Services Day-2021 “Breaking laws is fun”, say many. But is it benefitting? Laws have always been made for the welfare of people. Those who are able to abide, prosper…& Those who fail to realize, end up miserable. From science to politics, there’s nothing that the Word of God hasn’t talked about. Understanding theContinue reading “Nov.9 : Law – Breaker/Lover?”

Nov.6: Grief-2-Greatness

Hi friends! Are you in grief?..Do you feel like giving up? Has life made you question, ‘Why is God not compassionate towards me?’… Cheer up!… Personally speaking, ‘grief’ is a brief part of everyone’s life. Rich or poor, old or young, none can avoid it. But the plus point for a child of God isContinue reading “Nov.6: Grief-2-Greatness”

Meet the Wisest King!

Greetings in the name of our Sovereign King! Some people perceive God as a ‘Father’, some consider Him as a ‘Friend’ and some others acknowledge Him as a ‘Guide’.. What’s your perspective of God? Though God loves us more than a Father could, accompanies us through our tears n cheers as the Best Friend weContinue reading “Meet the Wisest King!”

Oct.30 : Earnings (or) Savings?

#World Thrift Day-2021 “Don’t save what’s left after spending; Instead spend with what’s left after saving.” Earning is not a big feat if you have the wisdom to save from what you earn. More than people who face financial problems due to lack of a source of income, the ones without proper management of theirContinue reading “Oct.30 : Earnings (or) Savings?”

Oct.29 : How to surf smart?

#International Internet Day-2021 Hello friends!..With every information at your fingertips, how many hours do you spend surfing on the internet? Every technology is a blessing when used smartly. If you start overusing it, then it becomes a hurdle in your path to success! There are thousands of sermons, millions of songs and ten thousands ofContinue reading “Oct.29 : How to surf smart?”

Oct.28 : How to deal with ‘sin’?

Sin separates you from God but repentance unites you back to your FATHER! Just because God delights in forgiving mankind, it doesn’t mean that we keep sinning and asking Him for mercy..

Oct.27 : Are You Equipped?

#National Infantry Day-2021 A country without strong soldiers cannot assure us safety. In the same way, a lifestyle without God’s weapons of spiritual warfare cannot assure us longeivity! Being a christian is not related to one’s family background or interest, it’s all about his/her relentless relationship with the Maker. Fighting against “flesh and blood” shouldContinue reading “Oct.27 : Are You Equipped?”

Oct.26 : Pumpkin’s Story

#National Pumpkin Day-2021 Praise the Lord! What is your inspiration?.. Who motivates you the most? Though today’s world has got many scholars and counsellors, none can match the power that lies in every single Word of CHRIST! From the stage of being a tiny seedling to the stage of being the big round gourd, theContinue reading “Oct.26 : Pumpkin’s Story”

Oct.25 : How to befriend an enemy?

A very warm good morning! Do you know that “enemies are friends in disguise“? The enmity with which someone treats you need not be the way you treat them.. Initially I used to worry a lot about the people who hate or dislike me. But then, I remembered God’s word which repeatedly reminded me, “Don’tContinue reading “Oct.25 : How to befriend an enemy?”

Oct.22 : Healthiest Nuts

#National Nuts Day-2021 Nuts come in different forms and flavors, yet meeting our energy requirements in their tiny bodies. If ‘nuts’ are needed for a healthy body, do you know what’s needed for a healthy soul?? Yes, it’s WORSHIP!! Today’s christian world has distorted the beautiful meaning of worship as per their own convenience andContinue reading “Oct.22 : Healthiest Nuts”