Are you fighting alone?…#DewDropForTheDay!

‘Life isn’t a bed of roses’!🥀..Most often, this saying proves itself to us. But I’d say ‘Life is a bed of roses💐 when you are His child’..Because your Everlasting Creator loves to hold you in His palm of His hands so that not even a tiny thorn scratches you! The Scripture unfolds valuable gems ofContinue reading “Are you fighting alone?…#DewDropForTheDay!”

Dew Drop For The Day!

Imagine being a slave girl 👧, separated from her parents, snatched away from your childhood and taken as a captive in an unknown country!…What will be your state of mind?.. This little girl from the Story of Namaan’s life was a very brave one. As soon as she knew that her master is suffering fromContinue reading “Dew Drop For The Day!”

National Girl Child Day 2021..👧

Dad’s doll👨‍👧and mom’s pet👩‍👧 …..Every Girl child is always a gift from God!.. Treasure and cherish every girl through your prayer, respect and love! ‘Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.’ – Psalm 127 : 3 Even though our Creator loves the children, who are the embodiment of innocenceContinue reading “National Girl Child Day 2021..👧”

Dew Drop For The Day!

The word ‘Overcome’ is more challenging than described in mere words. Everyone of us needs to overcome some or the other hurdle that this life seems to hurl at us. The one who is able to overcome, is bound to be closer to the success he/she desires; if not, the very same person could endContinue reading “Dew Drop For The Day!”

Anxiety😟—the most common of all mental disorders—currently affects about one in 13 people!..🤔 Are you in that 7.3%?

“Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad.” – Proverbs 12 : 25 ANXIETY…This is the world’s biggest mental health problem, casually taken but greatly affecting the human race. An estimated 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. That’s around 4% of the global population, with a spreadContinue reading “Anxiety😟—the most common of all mental disorders—currently affects about one in 13 people!..🤔 Are you in that 7.3%?”


“Do not correct a scoffer [who foolishly ridicules and takes no responsibility for his error] or he will hate you; Correct a wise man [who learns from his error], and he will love you.“ – Proverbs 9 : 8 (Amplified Bible) No two persons are alike in both thoughts and speech. As a human being,Continue reading “ADVISER🗣 OR ADVISEE🤔 : 4 RULES THAT YOU MUST KNOW!”

Dew Drop For The Day 🌤.. Even when his life turned from ‘something’➡️’nothing’.. Our Creator’s unfailing grace was enough to change that ‘nothingness’ of Job into ‘Everything’… Are you ready for double blessings today?

Prefix the word ‘THING’ from ‘NO’ ➡️’EVERY’ : See how ‘Impossible’ says ‘I AM POSSIBLE’!

‘Have you suffered so many things and experienced so much all for nothing- if indeed it was all for nothing?’ – Galatians 3 : 4 (AMP) Even though the first known use of one of the most common word ‘nothing‘ was considered to be before the 12th century, history indicates that one of the earliest Western philosophersContinue reading “Prefix the word ‘THING’ from ‘NO’ ➡️’EVERY’ : See how ‘Impossible’ says ‘I AM POSSIBLE’!”