Rusted ➡️ Galvanized

Good morning dear ones❤.. Have you observed rusted objects? Galvanization works wonders in the life of an iron/steel object and helps to preserve its life… What about a rusted soul?…Don’t you think he/she needs to be preserved as well? Well, let’s find out what Bible says regarding this!! Have a blessed day!!

Light vs Dark : Opt Wisely!

Good Morning.. When the world was dark, God came as the LIGHT!..Now, when He is is the Light, He expects everyone of us to walk in the Light..Are you willing to hold His hands? Take the stand of righteousness even when you’re near and dear ones don’t support it..Look through the feeds and reels ofContinue reading “Light vs Dark : Opt Wisely!”

Sun 🌞 and Shield 🛡

Renewable Energy supplies us with satisfactory energy requirements rather than the conventional sources of energy. God’s love for mankind is unchanging and is renewable every single day as it unfolds beautiful blessings into our lives. Are you ready to harness the unending energy of God’s love today? Indian Akshay Urja Day-2021.. _#What is the bestContinue reading “Sun 🌞 and Shield 🛡”

Taliban Terror : What does Bible say about it?

Though the situation is worsening for Afghans day-to-day, still all we can do for them is PRAY!.. The power of prayer is more productive when it is accompanied with gratitude-filled Thanksgiving and faith-filled Intercession as recorded by the Apostle Paul, ‘Pray more for others and less for you’ – This is the secret to theContinue reading “Taliban Terror : What does Bible say about it?”

🐛Conform (or) Transform🦋

#Metamorphosis-inspired Scripture📖 ‘Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful😍!’… Don’t you agree? Getting conformed to the dominating evil forces around us is easy but darling, that is not the Will of God. He desires a transformation in your life – an extremelyContinue reading “🐛Conform (or) Transform🦋”