Nov.12 : Overcome ‘fear’ with this Triple Layer

From time immemorial, ‘fear’ has become that indomitable factor that is seen to be dominating the minds and lives of many people, in some or the other form. Globally, around 3 to 15% of people suffer from chronic phobias, disabling their abilities to do the very best in their lives.. What’s your fear??…Darkness, insects, death,Continue reading “Nov.12 : Overcome ‘fear’ with this Triple Layer”

Nov.10 : Are you giving the Excuse of ‘Science’?

#World Science Day For Peace and Development Hii dear ones! “Science is progressive and changing while our Creator is Possessive (of you😍) and Unchanging.” If after witnessing so many beyond-sci happenings, people still struggle with the belief in God by taking the excuse of ‘science’, which itself came into existence because God wanted us toContinue reading “Nov.10 : Are you giving the Excuse of ‘Science’?”

Nov.9 : Law – Breaker/Lover?

#National Legal Services Day-2021 “Breaking laws is fun”, say many. But is it benefitting? Laws have always been made for the welfare of people. Those who are able to abide, prosper…& Those who fail to realize, end up miserable. From science to politics, there’s nothing that the Word of God hasn’t talked about. Understanding theContinue reading “Nov.9 : Law – Breaker/Lover?”

Nov.8 : Tips To Anger Management

Good morning! “ANGER”, one of man’s strongest emotions also happens to be the weakest in terms of aiding one’s life. Never say, ‘Anger is a part of my nature’. You’ve been created amazingly by the Wonderful Creator in His own image and likeness… Would you like to know His nature? Understanding God’s nature helped meContinue reading “Nov.8 : Tips To Anger Management”

Nov.6: Grief-2-Greatness

Hi friends! Are you in grief?..Do you feel like giving up? Has life made you question, ‘Why is God not compassionate towards me?’… Cheer up!… Personally speaking, ‘grief’ is a brief part of everyone’s life. Rich or poor, old or young, none can avoid it. But the plus point for a child of God isContinue reading “Nov.6: Grief-2-Greatness”

Soul’s 2 Important Duties

Praise the Lord!! The word ‘Bless’ doesn’t only refer to the blessings we receive from God’s Hands; instead it also includes the praise and honour we offer to thank God for His countless grace into our mortal lives. Everytime, you go like “God! Bless me..”, take a pause and ask yourself, “My God has doneContinue reading “Soul’s 2 Important Duties”

Meet the Wisest King!

Greetings in the name of our Sovereign King! Some people perceive God as a ‘Father’, some consider Him as a ‘Friend’ and some others acknowledge Him as a ‘Guide’.. What’s your perspective of God? Though God loves us more than a Father could, accompanies us through our tears n cheers as the Best Friend weContinue reading “Meet the Wisest King!”

Oct.30 : Earnings (or) Savings?

#World Thrift Day-2021 “Don’t save what’s left after spending; Instead spend with what’s left after saving.” Earning is not a big feat if you have the wisdom to save from what you earn. More than people who face financial problems due to lack of a source of income, the ones without proper management of theirContinue reading “Oct.30 : Earnings (or) Savings?”