Nov.12 : Overcome ‘fear’ with this Triple Layer

From time immemorial, ‘fear’ has become that indomitable factor that is seen to be dominating the minds and lives of many people, in some or the other form.

Globally, around 3 to 15% of people suffer from chronic phobias, disabling their abilities to do the very best in their lives..

What’s your fear??Darkness, insects, death, betrayal, failure, loss….???🤔

Though people try to say ‘fear’ is normal, yet for a christian, FEAR NEEDS TO BE TAKEN AS AN ABNORMAL ASPECT…DON’T TRY TO NORMALIZE IT!

Instead of thinking of what scares you, let’s scare those FEARS by using this TRIPLE LAYER OF GOD’S SPIRIT.

1) Spirit of Power – God the Father is there with you always to help you fight all the battles of evil forces (governing your daily lifestyle) through the Spirit of Power.

2) Spirit of Love – God the Son, who came in the form of Lord JESUS CHRIST, is here to help you be in loving relation with mankind through the Spirit of Love.

3) Spirit of Sound Mind – God the Holy Spirit is your Best Counsellor..He is there for us 24 x 7 to lead and guide us through the Spirit of Sound Mindedness.

Even after all this being said and given so generously, if we fear….don’t you think it’s very silly?’…💭

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