Nov.11 : Pill for Wisdom

#National Education Day-2021

Good morning!

“EDUCATION is that bird whose wings are ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’, one of which is gained from around us while the other is gifted from Above.

As a student, I used to struggle with keeping all the learned material in my brain and I grew up, I find it challenging to keep up peacefully with multi-faceted personalities of people and tiring thoughts n worries of this world…That was when, my mind helped me recollect this soothing verse :

Like King Solomon, all you need to do to gain wisdom is to ASK…JUST ASK…& YOU WILL BE GIVEN!

1) Ask in prayer : Asking is directly correlated to ‘praying’. Solomon didn’t waste time in thinking and trying, he quickly got down on his knees as soon as he found out that he was to be the new king of Israel. Any challenge you face needs God’s wisdom to win..So, better pray first and put everything next.

2) Ask in routine : Sacrificing 1000 praise-offerings is not a joke. It must have surely taken days...In today’s date, who can dare to do it? What surprises me even more is that no one before Solomon had done this unique way of asking God, yet Solomon confidently went ahead with the altar form of worship, because he knew that “consistent prayer will make the Creator come down”!

3) Ask till you receive it : Till God the Father spoke, Solomon didn’t leave that place. That shows the way he prioritized ‘gaining wisdom from God’ to be more important than ‘ruling a nation as he wished’.

Are you in need of ‘wisdom’?

Start asking for the gift of wisdom to God in prayer..He could grant it in a day or He could answer it after a few days…But know that GOD ALWAYS ANSWERS AT THE RIGHT TIME!

Have a nice day!!

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