Nov.10 : Are you giving the Excuse of ‘Science’?

#World Science Day For Peace and Development

Hii dear ones!

“Science is progressive and changing while our Creator is Possessive (of you😍) and Unchanging.”

If after witnessing so many beyond-sci happenings, people still struggle with the belief in God by taking the excuse of ‘science’, which itself came into existence because God wanted us to learn the way He works through nature and through us!!

Stop giving the lame excuse of genes and milkyway galaxy and explosions to be the reason of your life..You are not an accident of nature, instead you’ve been beautifully carved and amazingly caressed by your Perfect Maker!

Knowledge is good but too much of anything (especially when it is beyond necessary), it becomes an obstacle to man’s salvation.

Always remember, “Science of today may or may not be the Science of tomorrow”

But your Creator of Today was the same Yesterday and will be the same Unchanging God tomorrow and Forevermore!!

Believe it!..Receive His blessings!!


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