Nov.9 : Law – Breaker/Lover?

#National Legal Services Day-2021

“Breaking laws is fun”, say many. But is it benefitting?

Laws have always been made for the welfare of people. Those who are able to abide, prosper…& Those who fail to realize, end up miserable.

From science to politics, there’s nothing that the Word of God hasn’t talked about. Understanding the Scripture requires to be assimilated into one’s daily routine in order to be an efficient and happy person.

What are the benefits of being a law-lover?

1) Heart of Peace – Not just any ‘peace’, God is willing to bestow ‘GREAT PEACE’ on those who choose to do everything legally. Being honest without holding hands with this corrupt world is difficult, saying ‘no’ to bribe is difficult but DO WHAT’S LEGAL ALWAYS.

2) Feet of Steadiness – You might have seen many rise in power but they might have also disappeared the way they appeared. That’s due to lack of Steadiness. Only GOD can help to steady our ways by strengthening our feet, so that we don’t stumble in this life.

Start loving the law and God will love to bless you with every good gift!

Have a nice day!!

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