Nov.8 : Tips To Anger Management

Good morning!

“ANGER”, one of man’s strongest emotions also happens to be the weakest in terms of aiding one’s life.

Never say, ‘Anger is a part of my nature’. You’ve been created amazingly by the Wonderful Creator in His own image and likeness…

Would you like to know His nature?

Understanding God’s nature helped me to introspect my issues with anger. It made me realize that anger is not going to solve my problem, instead it might only make things worse. That is when, I started diverting my unnecessary emotions and paid more attention towards converting anger into something worthwhile.

Three tips that I personally practice to manage ‘anger’ are as follows :-

  1. BE SMILING – Graciousness reveals through your beautiful smile..Whenever someone/something makes you mad, SMILE, it lowers your anger.
  2. BE CONCERNED – Being truly compassionate towards your near and dear ones (because obviously you won’t get angry with a stranger) makes you understand their point of view better.
  3. BE LOVING – Practice the art of selfless love. Don’t expect anything when you care about others, which in turn would make you more peaceful and happy. God will reward you richly for your every good deed.

Have a nice day ahead!

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