Nov.6: Grief-2-Greatness

Hi friends!

Are you in grief?..Do you feel like giving up?

Has life made you question, ‘Why is God not compassionate towards me?’

Cheer up!…

Personally speaking, ‘grief’ is a brief part of everyone’s life. Rich or poor, old or young, none can avoid it. But the plus point for a child of God is that he/she can get through it like a pro without getting broken down because his/her faith is not’s heavenly!

Stage 1 – God brings Grief :

As I said before, Stage 1 is a MUST. So, stop asking God to remove it, instead pray specifically for His Grace that alone can take you THROUGH it. Grief can come in any form and when it does come, it could make you feeble physically but don’t allow it to touch you spiritually..Always be ready to face it!!

Stage 2 – God shows Compassion :

This second Stage is my favourite!..It’s that point of life when nothing positive seems to happen around you but you find God’s power working positive things within you. It’s the stage that needs eyes of faith and heart of love to wait and discover the treasures of wisdom God has prepared for you.

Stage 3 – God brings Greatness :

The sooner you realize the working of God, the sooner you’ll reach this Stage of glory. Our Lord always loves to lift the humble to greater heights. Are you humble enough? Your greatness (be it in worldly or spiritually) can be attained in enjoying the fact that “If I want to be greater than others, I need to learn to serve others better.”..

Stay Humble..Stay Great!!

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