Soul’s 2 Important Duties

Praise the Lord!!

The word ‘Bless’ doesn’t only refer to the blessings we receive from God’s Hands; instead it also includes the praise and honour we offer to thank God for His countless grace into our mortal lives.

Everytime, you go like “God! Bless me..”, take a pause and ask yourself, “My God has done and will do many beautiful things for me..Did I bless the name of my God?”

Bless the Lord – Our soul needs to be well aware of its responsibility to bless (praise n honour) the Lord, whenever and everywhere.

Look for ways to increase your praise time. It’ll definitely help to reduce your worry time!

Remember His blessings – Man is always prone to forget the things that matter the most. Be it our breath or our wealth, do you think we ourselves made it all?..NO!..We’re alive now, that’s itself by God’s grace..

Let your every pride be in the fact that LORD JESUS left to 99 to seek you out & to love you the most!!

Think about it and act wisely!

May God bless you!!

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