What’s the formula for ‘THANKFUL’?

How do you show your ‘thankfulness’?

Is it enough to just say a “THANK YOU”?

Every day is unique in its tasks and responsibilities but every single day is also unique in giving us an opportunity to get closer to our Creator.

Most of us might recount the encounters of Grace in our lives but true ‘thankfulness’ ought to be put into practice like how King David says in Psalm 9:1.

(1) Heart-filled gratitude

Today, people only use their words (tongue) to thank God. I’m not saying that’s wrong but darling, that isn’t sufficient enough. Use your whole heart while thanking God. If you’re singing His praises, do it with your whole heart. If you’re bring mesmerized in His awesome presence, then let Him see your heart’s 100% participation in that process.

(2) Tongue-declaring praises

Praise needs to be declared not just felt. God loves the person who loves to declare His praises boldly. There’s nothing to be shy or embarrassed about telling what good things He has done for you. You don’t have to force others to listen but whenever the situation seems favourable to declare His praises..DON’T SHY AWAY!..DON’T MISS THAT CHANCE! (Because who knows!?..maybe someone really needed to hear your testimony today!)

Therefore, let’s tune our hearts to God’s will by declaring His praises in every situation!

Hope you have a nice day!!

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