Meet the Wisest King!

Greetings in the name of our Sovereign King!

Some people perceive God as a ‘Father’, some consider Him as a ‘Friend’ and some others acknowledge Him as a ‘Guide’..

What’s your perspective of God?

Though God loves us more than a Father could, accompanies us through our tears n cheers as the Best Friend we could ever have and guides us with His never-ending promises of love, yet don’t forget that GOD IS THE KING OF KINGS!! His dominion is from everlasting to everlasting!!

  • King ETERNAL – God is eternal. Just believe it. Don’t waste time in comprehending this truth with your limited brain cells as some have ruined their chance to eternal life by testing God’s Words.
  • King IMMORTAL – We have a fixed life length, a particular number of years to traverse this earth but not God. He is immortal and so is His love for you.
  • King INVISIBLE – Man says, ‘I’ll believe only if I see with my own eyes’. But that’s not the policy to be applied here. If you believe in God, then train your eyes of faith to capture the beauty of this INVISIBLE yet STUNNING MAKER!!

So, let’s revere the name of our King of Ages as we await for His second return!!!

Are you ready???

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