Oct.30 : Earnings (or) Savings?

#World Thrift Day-2021

“Don’t save what’s left after spending; Instead spend with what’s left after saving.”

Earning is not a big feat if you have the wisdom to save from what you earn. More than people who face financial problems due to lack of a source of income, the ones without proper management of their earnings (which includes savings) seem to suffer the most.

Well, let’s shift our attention from financial to spiritual aspect..

What should a child of God sow?


Sow/Invest quality time in God’s presence every single day, whether through Bible reading, praying, thanksgiving or praise-offering. The more you learn the beauty of understanding God’s Word, the more you’ll be able to LOVE yourself, your life, your future, your society and even your enemies.

Therefore, be generous while you sow now..because your generosity is going to bless you in the coming days!!

Thanks for reading!

May God bless you ❣

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