Oct.29 : How to surf smart?

#International Internet Day-2021

Hello friends!..With every information at your fingertips, how many hours do you spend surfing on the internet?

Every technology is a blessing when used smartly. If you start overusing it, then it becomes a hurdle in your path to success!

There are thousands of sermons, millions of songs and ten thousands of teachings available online.

What should a Christian do?

Blindly believe whatever they hear and see??…NO!Never!

Whatever information reaches your fingertips needs to be first tested for its usefulness into your life and then it needs to be validated according to the Holy Scripture.

If you lack in the wisdom to assess videos and blogposts in this manner, then no worries! Pray specifically to be led by the Spirit of Discernment!

Therefore, don’t surf aimlessly like fools!

Instead, surf smartly to show the world that you are a Child of the Living Awesome God!!

Have a great day!!!

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