Oct.28 : How to deal with ‘sin’?

Sin separates you from God but repentance unites you back to your FATHER!

Just because God delights in forgiving mankind, it doesn’t mean that we keep sinning and asking Him for mercy..

Hiding your sins is useless. Looking for lame excuses to prevent people from finding your mistake is not right. Have the boldness to first accept when you do something wrong.

Try to minimize the frequency of your sins as much as possible. God’s Word says that a sin committed unknowingly is forgiven but a sin committed repeatedly and willingly will only bring undesirable curses into the person’s life.

What would you choose to do: Hide your sin or Seek your Savior????

2 thoughts on “Oct.28 : How to deal with ‘sin’?

  1. Though I may not reply you every day, remember that I am reading all your blogs whenever I have time. Happy Writing. May God Bless you, Now and Forever. This makes my day a blissful blessing…

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