Oct.22 : Healthiest Nuts

#National Nuts Day-2021

Nuts come in different forms and flavors, yet meeting our energy requirements in their tiny bodies. If ‘nuts’ are needed for a healthy body, do you know what’s needed for a healthy soul??

Yes, it’s WORSHIP!!

Today’s christian world has distorted the beautiful meaning of worship as per their own convenience and desires..


OUR GOD IS THE SAME : Yesterday, Today & Forevermore..So, the “worship” we render must be as holy and acceptable as He desires!!

While the second part of this verse holds the blessings we want (in terms of health and wealth), always remember that these blessings will work only if you follow the first part reverently.

Worship first, everything else will occur next!

Don’t blindly search for worship n worship leaders on internet..It’s of no use!

Spend quality time to read God’s Words on “true worship” early morning (it’s the time to talk to your Heavenly Father) or any time you find comfortable.

Pray and ask God first to fill you with the Spirit of worship..& all the unsolved pieces of your life will be solved in no time!

God bless you!..❣

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