Oct.19 : 2 Tips To Being “WISE”

Knowledge can be gained through your efforts but ‘wisdom’ is acquired by God’s grace. I’ve seen knowledgeable people make silly decisions in life, whereas wise people seldom leave you any chance to find a fault with their thoughts and actions!

How willingly do you listen to other’s advices?..πŸ‘‚

How eager are you to be disciplined according to the God’s Word?..πŸ“–

According to King Solomon (the one who wasn’t born with such extraordinary wisdom but he was the first one to take the extraordinary effort of offering 1000 praise-offerings in order to acquire God-given wisdom as a priceless gift), advice and discipline are capable of strengthening our brain-cells to function better n smarter, the way our Lord desires!

Do try these two steps from today!

Stay blessed!!!

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