Oct.18 : Sensory Cupcake🧁


The gift of 5 senses are given to unfold the beauty around us. Seldom do we use these senses to acknowledge the greatness of our Majestic King..🧐

Every sense is unique in it’s approach and utility. The sense of taste is not just to be used for tasting ‘food’. There’s a bigger purpose to it’s existence as experienced and sung by our Psalmist…

1) Hear God’s Word👂

2) See God’s Works 👀

3) Smell/Aromatize God’s Presence👃

4) Taste God’s Love❣

5) Feel God’s Grace 🙏

#This is how you need to taste God’s Goodness!..☝

So, let’s make use of all the 5 senses in the right way to glorify the One who has given us this life so graciously.

Have a good day!

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