Oct.16 : Can ‘food’ define you?


What one eats or drinks & how one eats or drinks has got a lot to say about their nature/personality.

On this World Food Day-2021, as we relish on amazing delicacies, let’s remember to pray for those who aren’t able to afford healthy food and clean drinking water. 🙏

It’s not only through one’s singing or preaching that God’s name is glorified. Instead every single action of ours is bound to reflect our Maker. People profane His name by eating defiled foods n alcoholic beverages, foods offered to idols and practise unhealthy food habits in the name of “fashion”…None of this is gonna help you.

Remember that even through the proper act of eating n drinking, you can set an example to the younger generations. And God loves a trying person who keeps trying his/her level best to glorify HIM in all that he/she does.

What kind of person are you???

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