Oct.15 : Given & Taken


Life is a game of ‘give’ & ‘take’. If life gives us good things, we become elated thanking God for His blessings, but when life takes away something/someone dear to us, how do we react?

Our Holy Bible is a treasure-trove of wisdom contained through the real-life experiences of so many heroes of faith, of which JOB is someone I admire a lot.

Though rich or poor, Job’s attitude towards God’s presence stayed the same. Even after losing all his hard-earned wealth, health and his precious 10 children in a SINGLE DAY, do you know what he said????

No one can say with such confidence until and unless they have tasted and seen the goodness of God to the highest degree.

Whenever I read about Job, I ask myself, “If I lose what’s precious to me, will I say like Job?”…

The secret to Job’s long-lasting joyful life was in his unshakable faith on God.

Always remember..God only takes away for your best and God only gives what’s best for you!!

Are you ready for this ‘give n take’ game?

Stay safe n blessed😍

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