Oct.13 : Disaster Management Tools

#International Day For Disaster Risk Reduction

Who can claim to not have experienced any disaster?

Disasters have become so frequent these days that media and news covers about them the most. Be it natural or man-made, disasters aren’t welcomed by any person. But still, GOD ALLOWS DISASTERS!


The GOD of construction and destruction knows how to create a flood for 40 days n 40 nights and He also knows how to protect Noah & his family, because of their righteousness. So, there’s nothing to worry as long as you’re in His favour!

Whenever any disaster strikes your geographical area or personal life,

Remember to make use of these 3 important TOOLS :-

1) Be happy because your hope is on the Everlasting King of Hope

2) Be patient even to the point of utter disappointment (because that is where God has kept your transforming point)

3) Be constant in your communication with the Heavenly Manager!

Have a good day!

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