šŸŽ¶Musical TestimonyšŸŽ¼

Good morning friends!

Are you suffering from any sickness?
Is it painful?
Do you want to be healed?

Let me share my testimony of how I’ve been healed from menorrhagia miraculously. Though I didn’t suffer for 12 years like the woman in the video, still what I experienced in the past 3 months has made me realize the beauty of that healing in the Bible. I spent lots of time worrying about it, but then the solution to cure me was really very simple – God only wanted to see my surrendrance with faith!

She just touched the hem of God’s cloak ONLY ONCE and years of her pain stopped. The power in Lord JESUS CHRIST got activated by just one touch of faith!

Don’t worry about the suffering you’re going through now. God has heard your prayers.
He has already seen your every tear.
He is waiting for your touch of faith!
Touch His presence today and feel the divine healing!!!

May your every illness be healed this very second!
In the name of Lord JESUS CHRIST..I pray

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