Oct.6 : 3 Reasons as to ‘Why should you wake up early?’

Good morning early risers😍

From centuries immemorial, ‘waking up early’ has been the most common advice to mankind. But, still many find it difficult to deal with alarm clocks..why??

Being the ‘early bird’ will not be a struggle if you knew the blessings it brings for you throughout each day!

Three blessings I personally received by waking up early are :-

1) Peace Of Mind – No time is as best as the dawn to pray.

2) Control Over Laziness – A fresh start keeps you refreshened throughout the day.

3) Modifier Of Mood – You’ll slowly wear off your dissatisfaction and start appreciating every little n great things that God has been doing in your life with a big smile😃.

#Try waking up for 6 days continuously & See the transformation for yourself!!

Have a great day!

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