Sept.30 : Agur’s Double Request

On this day of International Translation, it’s interesting to note that our Bible has been translated into 704 different languages so far (as of September 2020). Isn’t it great?🤩

AGUR is a name found only once in the entire Bible but the simplicity in his profound thoughts on life really surprised me…To know more about his perspective, you can go to Proverbs 30, exclusively written by this astonishing child of God.

If God appeared before you and asked as to what would you want in life, what would be your reply?

Let’s see what Agur requested from God :

How simple yet elegant way to request for the greatest blessings! By praying everyday for physical health and materialistic success, we often forget to ask God to give the peace of mind and satisfaction in our hearts. Remember that no life is well lived if it hasn’t tasted the grace of God!

Have a good day!

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