Sept.29 : What’s your heart type?

Hello dear ones 🌞

Do you remember Jonah’s story? If not, click away👇

Heart is not just the central organ for emotions and decisions. Instead, it also holds the power to construct and destroy anyone’s life, if not handled cautiously. Jonah failed to regulate his heart beat and ended up getting bitter, do you want to be like him?

Three types of heart ❤ commonly present around us :-

(1) Disobedient Heart – The heart that refuses to listen to God’s commands owing to own principles and judgment of situations.

(2) Repentant Heart – The heart that readily accepts its mistakes and refrains from committing the same error again.

(3) Bitter Heart – The heart that fails to acknowledge the never-ending grace of God and holds grudges against people unnecessarily.

Which heart would you prefer to have?

If you’re of Type 2❤ ….you’re safe!

If not, no worries, today is the right chance to ask God for forgiveness so that you can get back on the right track as soon as possible!

Have a nice day!

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