Sept.28 : Ears-2-Hear

Good morning friends!

What type of prayer do you do?..Check this link to know more👇

Praying is not a burden, instead it is the best way to relieve yourself from all your burdens. Often, people worry about not being able to pray. To such people, God encourages today by saying that, “Darling, praying is not about routine or custom, it’s just you talking and me answering. And I love to hear you talk because I love to answer your questions about everything!”.. ❤

If you wish to pray right such that your prayers get answered always, then try these :-

(1) Turn on your deaf ears to God’s Words.

(2) Bend in humbleness and surrender all your deeds and mistakes.

(3) Lift your heart and give up all your worries in His Awesome Hands.

Follow these steps ardently and God will do astonishing miracles in your life.

May God Bless You😇

2 thoughts on “Sept.28 : Ears-2-Hear

  1. I pray all the time. No, I’m not a religious zealot or anything like that; I just talk to God like I’d talk to my husband or my best friend. He listens and answers in his own way and time. It’s a nice, comfortable relationship and a lot cheaper than going to a psychiatrist! 🙏🏼

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    1. Yes Nancy😇you’re absolutely right..Prayer has the power to cure all our worries..It’s a blessing to hear you share your thoughts ❤..thank you..May God keep answering all your prayers 🙏

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