Sept.25 : Honey 🍯 Oh..Honey!

Honey – a sweet gift for taste 😋 is good for health if used in the right amount. If consumed more than needed, what do you think would happen?

Everything in this life (that has its origin on earth) is required to be enjoyed prudently. People usually think that, “This game 🎮 is nice, let me keep playing it till I spoil my eyes; This dish is yummy, let me keep eating it till my stomach starts crying; This youtube channel is so much fun, let me just watch it all day n all night”…

Do you think this is the right attitude for being successful in life?

As a child of God, let’s take a few moments to rectify our lives by making the best use of available resources without overusing them. Living in a temporary world doesn’t require you to attach your permanent feelings into it.

Just remember who you are..What’s the motive behind God saving you?

Have a grace-filled day!..💛

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