Sept.10 – World Suicide Prevention Day

Is it ok to think of committing ‘suicide’?

Good morning dear ones❤..

Can you take a few seconds and repeat this hope-evoking words of Psalmist David?

Even though many around us are trying to spread awareness about how to overcome the vicious suicidal thoughts, still we keep hearing the sad news of many committing suicides (especially youngsters)..Even Christians tend to invite such thoughts while being depressed, which is the saddest of all..

Elijah’s life is a big lesson for all believers..He experienced the joy of staying on the heights of spiritual manifestation and also the pain of lying among the lows of depression. But God didn’t give up on Elijah. Though it took a few days and some amazing heaven-earth interactions, God gave him the strength to rise up again and finish the spiritual journey he had begun..

I don’t know what’s troubling you now..& even if I know, I can’t solve it, neither can anyone do so except the One to whom your precious soul belongs to..

Trust Him!..His plans are beautiful beyond imagination and amazing beyond comprehension..You only need to resurrender your life (with all its broken pieces) to Him and wait for His perfect timing that’s gonna make you sing, “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!”… 🎶

Stay blessed!

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