🐛Conform (or) Transform🦋

#Metamorphosis-inspired Scripture📖

‘Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful😍!’…

Don’t you agree?

Getting conformed to the dominating evil forces around us is easy but darling, that is not the Will of God. He desires a transformation in your life – an extremely stunning transformation..

Are you ready to receive it?

As accounted here, God’s Will is GOOD, ACCEPTABLE and PERFECT!

You might feel as though something is amiss right now..No..it’s not. If you’re sure that your life is in His perfect hands, then you need to be strong in the faith that God’s perfect hands will make everyhing perfect in its perfect time!

(This is my YouTube Channel on Christian Teachings n Music👇..Hope to see your love n support❤)

Therefore, let’s lay aside all the unnecessary worries and complexities of this cruel world that seems to conform us and look ahead to the refinement of our faith in Christ so that we can be transformed to the likeness He desires!

Have a good day!

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