‘Independence’: A gift from Dependence

Hi friends!

Greetings on this auspicious day of India’s Independence!

Often, people feel that ‘independence’ is contrary to ‘dependence’ in all respects. But that’s not what I’ve experienced. God’s Word has always encouraged the highest form of independence that comes from the divine dependence.

Today is an even more special day in my life because it’s the day I felt the joy of salvation by taking part in the water baptism, 13 years ago. I used to think that it’s just a Christian tradition but I was very wrong. The completeness that comes from being a part of God’s salvation is beyond any words. If you’re someone who loves and believes Lord JESUS CHRIST but you haven’t been baptized through water (as demonstrated by our LORD Himself, and not like the wayward denominations promoting child baptism or water sprinkling).

You might be thinking that why am I talking to you about baptism. I felt the need to share with you the blessings that unfold through dependence on God. Baptism (both water and spirit) represents one’s dependence on God which brings the gift of true independence. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Freedom. I’ve personally experienced healing from pain, deliverance from temptations, counselling in times of confusion, strength in my every weakness.

Today, every nation and every community has unknowingly become the slave to the these 5 sins, dominating the hearts and minds of millions around us. It’s high time to get on our knees and seek the Father in heaven to save these souls before its too late.


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