Unlock This Golden Coin 🪙 With Just 2 Steps!

Good morning dear friends!

Today, 25th of July is observed as “National Parents Day”. Isn’t it pathetic that today’s generation need a special day to realize the countless sacrifices their loving parents make just to make their children smile every single day!?..Well, let’s listen to our Creator’s words..

According to the 10 Commandments recorded in Exodus 20, every believer is brought to the realization that God wants all His children to respect and honour their earthly parents if they desire a long and happy life..How do you honour your parents??


First, HONOUR YOUR PARENTS BY LOVING THEM. A person who truly loves his/her parents won’t talk rudely, won’t question their decisions, won’t disappoint their right expectations, won’t send them to an old age home (when they can themselves care for them), won’t fail to sacrifice their ego to understand their parents’ feelings. Do you honour them wholeheartedly?

Second, HONOUR YOUR PARENTS BY OBEYING THEM. Sometimes, ‘obedience’ seems to the most difficult thing to do. But our Heavenly Father prefers to bless an obedient child more than anything..Every shortcoming in life becomes a blessing when we treasure our parent’s love by caring and loving them, the way our DAD in heaven wants us to.

Let’s always remember to pray for the health and happiness of our parents..🙏

Have a great day!

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