STAYS THE SAME : 24 × 7 × eternity!

After looking at these 3 spoons..What is the first thing that you’ve noticed?..💭

“They look the SAME”…They’re all SIMILAR!

With due course of time, everything around us keeps changing (even these similar-looking spoons could appear different one day)…We ourselves have changed a lot from what we used to be in terms of our appearance, lifestyle, thoughts and perceptions. Yet, amidst this changing world 🌎…penetrates the thundering voice of our Creator which says….

Yes, my friends!..Our God Is An Unchanging God!..His compassion on mankind has never changed..

Neither did His care towards your life has ever changed nor did His love for you ever diminished..😍Isn’t that amazing?!

The Agape love of God the Father revealed to mankind through the selfless sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son is still being manifested in wondrous ways in the lives of those who believe and yearn for the leading of God the Holy Spirit.


Though circumstances could blind us from seeing the goodness of God, don’t get disheartened!..God has already begun to work on the miracle you’re waiting for..Trust His timing!

Yes, let’s not forget to submit our lives in the hands of our Amazing Creator, the God of all our days!..AMEN😍

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